Calvary Weekend Tech Club

Weekend Tech Club

The Weekend Club is a fun programme introducing kids aged 5-18 years to computer science and programming. The programme teaches kids new skills and tools, and gives them new ways of expressing their digital creativity.

Learning is project based, as students are taught how to design computer games and animations using Scratch, design web pages using HTML/CSS and build computer applications using Python.


The Calvary Science Gap Year Code Club

The Calvary Gap Year Code Club

The Calvary Science Gap Year Code Club is specially designed for secondary school graduates who have completed school, and have a year (or a few months) before starting at the University. The curriculum is specially designed to kickstart their careers and maximise the months at home before resuming University.

There are 2 tracks to choose from:
Track 1. Creating Your Web Presence: this provides a foundation for web development. Students learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript. At the end of this programme each teen will have their own personal website, as well as a list of portfolio projects they have designed.

Track 2. Programming the World Around You: this track provides a foundation for computer programming and an introduction to physical computing. Through programming, teens get to control lights, buzzers, build computer applications and build smart apps that send notifications. While not a requirement, this track is especially recommended for kids interested in pursuing Computer Science or Engineering degrees, or kids who generally like tinkering with stuff or working with their hands.

Cookiee is absolutely delighted to work with the management and staff of calvary science schools to deliver state of the art STEM based training to the students.

Cookiee is also competent to deliver training the following areas.

  1. Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Blockchain Fundamentals
  3. Data Analysis using Microsoft excel
  4. Advanced Excel
  5. Web Design & Development
  6. Software development workshops
  7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Digital Marketing
  8. Computer Fundamentals

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