Supporting Us At Calvary Science Schools

The foresight of The Proprietress Prof (mrs) Mayen Ekaete Adiuku-Brown, and the support of a group of dedicated friends and families in Jos, Plateau state enabled The Calvary Science School to open its doors to the public in 1982. Today, our vision is a testament to the power of community. These original families acted on their desire to make a private school in Jos a reality, and we remain eternally grateful to them.

The Calvary Science School vision has been kept alive through the collective efforts of everyone who have supported us from time. Over the past 30 years, our School has grown from a boys quarter apartment in a residential building to our present locations comprising The Calvary Science School Annex at Zaria Road and its present permanent site at Rock Haven.

None of this would have been possible without the philanthropic support of our community.
It is a tribute to this lasting legacy that our current and past families, alumni, grandparents and friends continue to support The Calvary Science School with such extraordinary generosity.

We thank you for your ongoing support. 

Prof Mayen E. Adiuku-Brown
Proprietress Calvary Science Schools

The Alumni Legacy Fund

During the month of October, we challenge our alumni to donate 1982 in celebration of our founding year. 

Place the decimal where you wish - make it $19.82$198.2 or even $1982.
Make it yearly, or make it monthly, every gift helps support children of The Calvary Science School Community.

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The Calvary Science School is constantly striving to develop the finest resources for our students.

Every year, our students benefit directly from the incredible generosity of the Calvary Science Community, including families, alumni, staff, and friends.

All donations to Calvary Science School are acknowledged in our Annual Report , which is published, and we acknowledge all donations based on the appropriate fiscal year.


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The Calvary Science School has an active network of people in our community with a diverse set of talents to share, and this sharing of time and energy contributes to the education and personal development of our students and teachers in both tangible and intangible ways. 

We would be happy to direct you to the appropriate area within the School that would benefit from your skill set. Whether you have a few hours to spare or more - we would love to hear from you.


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Utilize this opportunity in order to provide Calvary Science Schools with a gift to address the areas of greatest need. These areas are approved by the Head of School in consultation with the Board of Directors. 
A gift to our Areas of Greatest Need fund is a way to provide exceptional flexibility and support for the School. This donation enables Calvary Science Schools to have the financial ability to take advantage of opportunities for the enrichment of the Calvary Science School Academic program and/or infrastructural facilities throughout the year.

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Areas of Greatest Need


Calvary Science School currently has endowment funds that support scholarships and bursaries, athletics, music, staff development and training, and beautification and green initiatives etc

An endowment is a fund that holds investments in perpetuity as a source of income. It provides an inspirational opportunity for our families to support an area of interest in the School, forever. Families can support areas within the School by donating to an existing fund, many named in honour of donors and former members of staff.

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Celebrate your lifelong connection to Calvary Science School by purchasing a block in one of the several program areas
Add your name, or the name of any alumni you would like to honour

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Adopt A Block