From The Office Of The Principal

Our Leitmotif is Discipline and Reward.
As a leader I anchor my efforts on discipline and reward.
The future of a disciplined man/woman can be predicted. In Calvary Science Schools discipline is an important component of school and classroom management.

It takes a disciplined student to be punctual to school, studious, diligent at work, and obedient to the school’s rules and regulations. A disciplined student is self -controlled and exhibits proper conduct at all times including during examinations.

The reward for such a student would be all round success. He/she will receive praises from all around him/her, receive awards, and win prizes, honors, scholarships, and others.

In the academic world, discipline is equally expected of all staff, be it academic or non- academic. It takes only the disciplined staff to enforce discipline.
Discipline is enforced with reward as appropriate, in Calvary Science Schools. We encourage all stakeholders to be disciplined so that we can receive the requisite reward.

Mrs Beatrice Akande
Principal, Calvary Science College