Calvary Science Basic Schools

It lasts for 10years, commencing in primary 1 to JSS3.

The Kindergarten prepares learners for smooth transition to the formal school system in primary one where we continue to expand on topics that they learnt in Nursery school, as well as explore new educational frontiers.

In Calvary Science Schools we attempt to demystify Mathematics and Science. Great success has been recorded in the primary school while in the college, we hope to succeed with time. The challenge is that the primary school graduates move to JSS1 in the federal government colleges and other schools with boarding facilities. We are in the process of creating boarding facilities in the college.

Calvary Science Primary School Program

The Calvary Science School Primary school program offers school facilities that gives pupils the opportunity to explore their creativity, interests and originality. Pupils are given the opportunity to work independently and in collaborative groups. Homework is very regular, to consolidate learning. They are able to develop their leadership skills, etiquette and good manners coupled with peaceful existence.



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