Preschool Program

Children attending this program are 3 years of age by the September of the year they are enrolled

At Calvary Science Schools we believe that the benefits and joy to be found in academic learning are not to be missed in preschool

Choosing a preschool program for your child is a big decision and at Calvary Science Schools we know that there are many factors to consider

Enrolling your child in an Early Start at Calvary Science Nursery School allows parents to sit back and enjoy their child’s early years, knowing that their child's educational needs will be met for several years to come, well beyond their preschool and basic school years

Kindergarten School Program


At the Kindergarten level the children are generally expected to turn either 4 or 5 years of age by the December of the year they are enrolled

At Calvary Science School kindergarten we believe that boys and girls of this age are very capable students. They take great pride and joy in their accomplishments and absorb information quickly. Our kindergarten curriculum is designed with these capabilities in mind

The students are also introduced to an exciting Science curriculum with plenty of hands-on experiments to spark their love of enquiry.

Our student-centered approach allows pupils to take responsibility for their learning while providing them with the proper guidance and support needed to meet specific learning objectives.  Catering to the differing individual needs will result in a deeper understanding, higher self-esteem and a motivation and a desire to keep learning.

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