Calvary Alumni


We want you to please keep in touch. Send us your graduation Surname, and first name; your graduation year, e-mail address, telephone number, and where you are now. Share what is happening in your life with your former classmates.

Our desire is that you will help to promote the welfare of Calvary Science Schools and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Calvary Science Schools and its alumni.

We hope to maintain and enhance a highly engaged vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide. You could initiate prize award or awards in some school subjects especially mathematics, science and English. Our alumni can help us drive and be involved in various sport and other social activities. You can also sponsor yearly meetings that will help spread the current story of Calvary Science Schools.


Your teachers are still largely around, including George Agyapong (uncle George), Mrs Beatrice Akande(auntie B), Mrs Elizabeth Elepa (auntie Eli), Mrs Ada (auntie Ada), auntie Daisy, now Mrs Abutiate; uncles, Robert, John Mark and uncle Francis. We'd love to hear from you and learn what you've been up to since you graduated. Trusting that you have great news you'd like to share?


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